As freelance musician who made a couple of recordings in the LP era that
qualified me, I was a NARAS member for a couple of decades or so, mainly so
that I could get cheap LPs and cassettes (later on, CDs were added) via the
"Grammy Awards Guide". Somewhere around 2008, I got a Guide with a notice
that it would be the last one coming since so few members were interested
in getting their music in any format that couldn't be downloaded. Now, I
really don't believe that it was true back then (I'm not even sure it is
true now), but that was the corporate decision made at the time. I do not
recall any discussion that lead up to them getting out of the business of
distributing tangible product, though I was never active in NARAS chapter
or local affairs and may have just missed out on it.

The I am making is that I am not surprised to see Grammys being awarded to
things never released on a rotating disc of any sort. It has been some time
in the coming.

My best,

Peter Hirsch

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 12:08 PM, Steve Ramm <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I have lots of other thoughts when looking through the list - and I'm sure
> there will be other posts too - but here are two thinks that caught my
>  eye:
> In Folk Music we find Guy Clark (who is as Americana as Rodney Crowell and
> Emmy Lou Harris) and the Greencards - who promote themselves as
> "Bluegrass".  Chris Styrachwitz' Arhoolie set (which is really a book with
> 4 CDs) is onl
> y true  FOLK release there.
> Then I looked at the noms for "Album liner notes" and see 360 Sound by Sean
>  Wilentz. Album notes?? There was no CD of 360 Sound. It was a BOOK and
> also  available as a Deluxe edition with a USB drive. So liner notes for a
> album  is considered for Grammy Awards? Are MP3 only albums then considered
> as well.  Surely the Paramount set "Field Guide" will be nominated nor 2014
> awards  then?
> Truly weird.
> Steve Ramm