Just note that what I was talking about as far as what makes shellac worthless is that apparently 
small subset of disk-era recordings for which metal parts and/or laquers do survive. I was not 
suggesting the same for recordings where the master parts do not exist.

Mike, this kind of factual information is very illuminating. Thanks!

-- Tom Fine

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> Without stepping on this thread, here is what I understand to be the status of metal parts in 
> company hands:
> Sony Music - Holds Victor parts + some HMV; disposal of Columbia, et al. metal may be related to 
> the closure of the Bridgeport plant (cf. AFR Lawrence papers at LC)
> Former EMI - Holds primarily classical parts - most pop metal and most of Columbia was destroyed 
> during World War II. Also had virgin pressings of pop material. Vault inventory exists. Note: for 
> metal trasnferred for the Great Recordings reissues of the 1950s, metals were destroyed;
> Former EMI-France - Holds selected metal parts, primarily 12 inch classical. An inventory was made 
> in 2005;
> Universal Music France - Donated metal parts to the Bibliotheque nationale - most consist of 45/LP 
> metal, though the donation did include on previously unknown Edith Piaf side;
> Former Electrola - All metal destroyed during World War II - company solicited metals from 
> affiliates to restore catalog after 1945;
> Deutsche Grammophon - Holds ca. 5K parts pre-1914 from the 'Gramophone' catalog - many 
> DG/Grammophon electrical metals survived in the pressing plant but were destroyed thereafter;
> Warner-Teldec - 78 Telefunken metals currently survive - other metals survive in Japan;
> Nippon Columbia - Some metals survive.
> A further note: Because Columbia 78 metal work after ca. 1939, and at Capitol and Decca, were 
> recorded from lacquer session masters, the lacquers represent the original recordings and 
> (hopefully!!) are still being preserved.
> Mike
> P.S. I don't believe the Universal deal with LC set a precedent for future donations ...