Some audio captured from old cassette tapes:

 -- Parts 1 and 2 of "Creating Radio, the People Who Made WGY" a documentary put together at WGY 
Schenectady NY for the station's 70th anniversary. Voices include Kolin Hager, Martha Brooks, Howard 
Tupper, Earle Pudney, etc. Produced by Bob Cudmore.  WGY was GE's original broadcasting station. GE 
sold the station in the 1980's.

 -- A presentation by Dr. John Bardeen, co-inventor of the transistor, made to the Antique Wireless 
Association in Canandaigua NY on 9/27/86.  This is not a great recording, but Dr. Bardeen's primary 
presentation is pretty clearly audible.

 -- An Atwater Kent promotional record narrated by broadcasting pioneer Graham McNamee.  This audio 
was after Dr. Bardeen's lecture on the AWA tape.

Get it here:


-- Tom Fine