Some comments:

1. In priority order, the styli you will need are: a 2.5, 2.8 and 2.3 mil
stylus.  Get a "truncated elliptical" stylus shape (as opposed to
"elliptical" or "conical") if you can.  If you can't get "truncated
elliptical", get "elliptical".  We use Expert Stylus in the UK to supply
our cartridges and styli.

2. WWII era discs may include glass-base discs (super fragile) that look
just like aluminum-base discs to the untrained eye - I have some somewhat
nerdish info here on ETs:

3. You may want to consider adding a 16-inch platter on top of the 12-inch
platter - this will reduce resonance of the outer 2 inches of the disc
during playback.  A 16-inch platter can also help with cleaning 16-inch
glass discs, which are very fragile (see photo albums above).

4. Consider upgrading to the 12-inch S-260 MK II tonearm for use with the
Rondine 3 turntable - this will have less tracking error than the S-240
tonearm, and is the ideal tonearm length for a 16-inch disc.  Both the
S-240 and S-260 tonearms provide vertical adjustment of the tonearm base,
which will allow using a 16-inch support platter.

5. Do you have a record cleaning machine that can handle 16-inch discs?

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On 12/10/13 8:28 AM, "Klara Foeller" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Hey colleagues,
>I'm in the market for an affordable archival turntable, the ET turntable
>I currently have has a bad bearing and is probably 60 years old.  From
>threads I've read on this listserv, I've been thinking (and looking) at
>the Rondine 3 turntable.  I have some questions and PLEASE guys, don't go
>all nerdish on me, I won't understand!  I just need to know:
>  *   Are all Rondine 3s the same with 10" tone arms; large enough for
>16" ETs (is the platter that large?).
>  *   Is a "Rek-O-Cut" Rondine 3 any different?  Or is it the same
>  *   Am I correct that they adjust to any speed?
>  *   Am I correct that they have interchangeable needle cartridges?
>  *   What is the optimal needle cartridge for WWII era ET recordings?
>I'm not sure what's in the machine we're using, but it's been doing an
>excellent job.
>  *   Any vendor recommendations?
>I probably won't be digitizing music 78s for a long time; most everything
>is already available anyway, I'm working mostly on radio, spoken word ET
>s.  Any pertinent observations or recommendations?
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