I ordered one too, and another listmember as well. We can compare notes when we use them for a 

B&H had another loss-leader yesterday for a Tascam rack-mounted flash recorder. But, on closer 
examination, the thing only records up to 48/16, although it will playback up to 48/24. I don't have 
any interest in a recorder that won't do 24 bits these days, and I want the option to sample at 
96kHz or higher, even if I don't use it all the time. So I would call that Tascam recorder obsolete.

Speaking of obsolete, am I the only one facing the challenge of "upgrading" away from Windows XP by 
early April 2014? Had very good luck re-loading the secondary DAW computer in the studio with 
Windows 7. All my hardware is W7 compatible, but re-loading software, making sure to save 15 years 
of documents, etc will be a real pain. XP was just an upgrade from Win2K, which was an upgrade from 
WinNT, so I was able to keep my document files intact, e-mail boxes, etc. This is a whole 'nother 

-- Tom Fine

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> As usual Tom, you're getting us some excellent information. Mine's on order, so thanks once again.
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Very low price today on Zoom H4n flash recorder
> $169 at B&H with free shipping
> I couldn't get anyone to meet or beat this price, so it's very low. ZZSounds, which usually meets 
> prices, claimed that 169 is the distributor cost for these things.