Hi Julian:

Here's one where the guy claims it's Teac factory refurb'd. I would press him for details, but if 
it's factory refurb'd, it's not a bad deal:

The later Tascam 44-OB is a better deck, more industrial strength. But this is a good place to 
start, and it includes all the original manuals.

Tell him to save his dollars because blank tape of any quality costs $$$. One good thing about a 
Tascam deck that really was factory-refurb'd is that it will be calibrated, so he should just stick 
with what the manual says and not mess with anything under the hood, ever.

If he were my brother I would recommend the following series of events:

1. make sure you can play and/or sing music, in tune, on key, on beat, consistently

2. get a band together and play live gigs, for a while, until you're all tight and at a higher level 
of musical ability than when you started

3. learn to play many, many well-know songs, so you can learn about song structures, keys, lyrics 
and other things that work with your musical ideas and visions

4. write your own songs, explore your own muses

5. finally, after all of that, think about recording. And go learn about it from someone who knows 
how to do it. Fiddling with Garage Band or buying equipment and messing with it will only teach you 
bad habits.

Keep in mind that the Beatles paid dues for YEARS before they got into a recording studio. Justin 
Beiber fiddled around with YouTube and became an overnight sensation. Who do you think will be 
remembered in 50 years?

I'm sure none of this is what a 16-year-old kid wants to hear these days, but the best Christmas 
present your family can give him is the truth (and music lessons from a really good teacher).

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Looking for a 4 track reel to reel deck

> Hi everyone,
> In an unlikely turn of events my sixteen year old brother has taken an
> interest in analog recording equipment and I told my parents I would help
> them with find a multitrack reel to reel recorder for him for X-mas, which
> he has been politely obsessing over.
> Am wondering if anyone on the list has any advise on where and how to buy
> one of these machines (looking specifically for a 1/4" 4-track), or may
> have one to sell themselves, hopefully at an affordable price. Looking for
> something in decent operating shape, but if there small problems I can
> teach my brother how to fix, that might be even better.
> Any advise or offers are greatly appreciated!
> Julian