Hi, Tom,

Does the Luxman have a mono switch?


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Two nice, working pieces of vintage audio gear

It's time to clear out some space in the listening room. So I am offering 
the following for sale,
below eBay prices.

1. Luxman C-1010 Preamp. Original manual, warranty card and brochure 
included. This was a very good
example of Japanese solid-state engineering in the mid-70s. The phono 
section offers many options,
there are robust and flexible tone controls, and the overall sound is clean 
and sharp. Facilities
for two tape decks, too.

In good, working condition. Cosmetically nice. Never abused, in fact lightly 
used by original owner
and then lightly used by me. It sounds good, very quiet and accurate.

Photos here:

These have recently sold on eBay for the $450 range (without original 
documentation and brochure).
I'm asking $400 plus shipping.

2. Dynaco ST70 Power amplifier. This amp has been rebuilt and re-wired and 
it works and sounds very
good. It features the DIYTube driver board, which is a better design than 
original, a better circuit
board than Dynaco's flimsy originals, and uses readily available tubes. It 
also features the SDS
Labs power supply board (new capacitors, more uf of filter caps, better 
filament supply). The chrome
exterior is less than perfect, but someone really concerned about that can 
get it re-chromed.

After restoration, this amp was burned in and used for a few dozen hours. It 
sounds good, typical
nice Dynaco output transformers make for suprisingly quick and clear sound 
from a tube amp. The
beefed up power supply helps with bass transients (no sag). Full 35 tube 
watts per channel can drive
most speakers at comfortable listening levels.

Photos here:

Un-modified and un-restored Dynaco ST70s have sold for $450-550 recently on 
eBay. I'm asking $400
plus shipping.

Ping me off-list if interested.

-- Tom Fine