Hi Louis:

With "smart" phones, it's a form-factor problem. Basically, very few of them are designed to account 
for American jowls. The mics are not near enough to the mouth and become buried in layers of jowls 
and/or beards when most American men hold them with their shoulder. The Bluetooth "cyborg" earpieces 
have the mic too far away from almost any adult man's mouth, and to the side of the face. Net-net, 
there's not a straight-line pickup of the voice. One of my many peeves with "smart" phones, but the 
biggest peeve is the bad manners that they engender (ie tick-ticking with fingers on a screen and 
not making eye contact during "conversations" or at the dinner table or, worst, while driving).

I still use a trusty old Motorola Krzr flip-phone as a cellphone, and I use an iPod Touch for all 
the functions of an iPhone except for telephony and cellular connectivity. As long as I can still 
buy 3rd party replacement batteries for the Krzr (it eats about 1 battery per year), I'll keep it in 
my pocket. I don't have pockets big enough for an iPhone, and the darn things are way too fragile to 
stand up to me on the go.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom, someone should invent a cell phone that sounds good, that doesn't
> sound like the voice is going through a couple of guitar chorus units. Cell
> phones have improved tremendously with all the gadgets that come attached
> to them, but they still sound horrible. Those who think that cell phones
> sound good have gotten used to their mediocre sound quality in the same way
> that most people thought that early cassette machines sounded good. Once
> they have improved the sound quality of cell phones, then they can
> concentrate on making the gadget that you are suggesting. Now I wonder if I
> can convert my ZOOM into a decent sounding cell phone... :-)
> Louis
> 2013/12/14 Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>
>> Someone should invent a recorder that is basically a SD card slot and
>> input/output connectors and attaches to an iPhone, using the iPhone as the
>> control surface. They have microphones that attach to iPhones already, but
>> I'm talking about a full-function recorder with external memory (not using
>> the iPhone's audio processor or memory). You'd need to have on-board ADC
>> and DAC because the iPhone only goes to 48/16, I think.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>  >My H4n should be in my hands on this coming Tuesday. I'll be using it
>>> fairly quickly as I have a >project coming up to use it on.
>>>> The sale came at the right time. I've looked on and off for a
>>>> replacement for my loooonnnng dead portable DAT machine.
>>>> The H4n should do nicely.
>>> I've had an H4n for a long time now. Itís a remarkable machine, no
>>> doubt.. Just be careful about putting in line-level signals.
>>> Perhaps they have sorted this out by now (I haven't checked), but, the
>>> input is calibrated for a mic level signal. I bought an inline passive
>>> attenuator for when I want to record a hot signal from a board.
>>> These days, I've been using my H4n to capture school lectures. It does
>>> that well too!
>>> DAT is dead, Long Live DAT!
>>> -Matt S