In addition to the Detroit Symphony, the church I was connected with in 
NYC in the 1970s has this listing in the discography I put together at


Marcel Dupré Recital - Marcel Dupré playing the organ of St. Thomas 
Church, New York City - 1957 - Mercury 434 311-2 (CD)

This was recorded to 3-track 1/2-inch tape in October, 1957, as part of 
the Mercury Living Presence series. The digital transfers were made in 
1992 from the original master tapes. This CD was commercially available 
as of April, 1998.

     Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937)
         Allegro from Symphony No. 6, Op. 42 - 9:17
         Salve Regina - 6:18
     Cesar Franck (1822-1890)
         Pièce Héroïque - 8:24
         Chorale No. 1 in E Major - 16:13
         Chorale No. 2 in B Minor - 14:00
         Chorale No. 3 in A Minor - 13:52

Please make certain this is in the Dupré Archive. It is a wonderful 
recording of a wonderful artist on a wonderful organ, I think shortly 
after G. Donald Harrison of Aeolian Skinner finished that era's rebuild.



On 2013-12-15 4:53 PM, Dennis Rooney wrote:
> Dear fellow list members,
> I received the following query from Adam Freeman, which I pass on in case
> anyone has the information he seeks.
> * * * * *
> I am writing on behalf of l'Association des Amis de l'Art de Marcel Dupré.
> Dupré toured extensively the US; do you know of radio broadcasts he
> participated in America? In conversion with Michael Murray, he remembered
> that Dupré was interviewed at least once on an American radio station, and
> performed a recital or two on American radio. Would you be able to offer
> any more information on these broadcasts?
> The AAAMD, in agreement with INAF,
> recently published a CD of French Radio broadcasts, made by M. Dupré and
> Bernard Gavoty in 1949-50. Subsequently, we approached the BBC to enquire
> to broadcasts Dupré made with them. Barely a handful of recordings were
> found in their archives. It would be wonderful to find more archived
> broadcasts and interviews, or private recordings of Marcel Dupré.
> It is difficult to find contacts who may help us. I don't even know which
> broadcasters in the US to approach. If you could offer advice, it would be
> wonderful. If you have an idea of who to contact - an individual,
> broadcaster, or association who may hold such recordings - I would be very
> grateful to you.
> * * * * *
> Thanks for your attention.
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