On 12/26/2013 2:47 PM, Jan Myren wrote:
> HI!
> I am considering to purchase a second hand Revox B-77 reel to reel recorder since my Tandberg TD 20A seems to be difficult to get repaired and don't like some types of tapes. The Tandberg TD 20A mostly like Maxell 1800 ft (7") /3600 ft. (10.5")  tapes and also do a poor job on recording on 7" 2400 ft. tapes that I obtained second hand some time ago.

EVERYTHING has a hard time recording on 2400' 7" reels; the tape is too 
thin, and the oxide layer is alxo too thin. My advice: throw those 2400' 
reels away.

> Does this seem to be a clever choice or something I should consider, like try to repair my TD 20A one more time?

My experience with the B77 is that it's a pretty reliable machine, 
probably more reliable than the Tandberg.

> What kind of tapes is the Revox B77 adjusted for? Is it difficult to repair if anything fails?

The B77 can be adjusted for any type of tape, and there's no predicting 
qat this machine was last set up for.

If you buy this machine with the intent of making new recordings on it, 
you will need to include in your budget some money for a qualified 
technician to set t up properly for the tape you intend to use. You will 
need to choose a tape -- I recommend RMB 911 -- and STICK WITH IT if you 
hope to achieve preictable results.

> Since this is a 33/4 and 71/2 ips machine I guess it is a 4 track machine?
> Any idea of how old this machine is?

No idea, but my guess would be mid-1970s.

> Hope to get some good advices from you Revox users, since I have no experience with Revox, only Tandberg.
> Any observations–thoughts would be most welcome.

Revox made good machines. Have this one properly adjusted, and the 
results will only be limited by the track width and 7.5 ips maximum 
speed. But you'll get about as good a recording as that width/speed 
combination is capable of making.

If you really want the experience of analog tape recording done right, 
though, get a half-track machine that will run at 15 inches per second. 
The difference is huge.