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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Reiner very early recording

At the least, this specifies a citation in Kenneth Morgan's biography, which places the article in a file marked 1951-52 in the Reiner Collection. Otherwise, the only subsequent 'recordings' he identifies are a series of piano rolls, made in 1925-26. Reiner's Cincinnati tenure was undocumented. The first orchestral recordings Morgan sites are in Nov 1931, part of the Bell Labs experiments with the Philly Orch. Interesting that Stokowski shared that opportunity with him; they did seem to have a cooperative working relationship. Fragments of some Wagner excerpts are said to survive. Reiner took an interest in recording technology, as he did with automobiles, cinematographic, and photographic gear. If his few published articles are in his voice, of the excerpts I've seen, Reiner was a lucid, idiomatic, and engaging writer.

As far as I know, Ward has transferred all of the surviving Bell stuff…but wants to redo them. 

Regarding the piano rolls…the ones I have heard feature Reiner "conducting" two pianists. I would if issuing them would be of interest?