Just as well someone is concerned with the old silent films

70% of 11,000 silent movies made in America between 1912 and 1930 have been lost

* Not a trace remains of three quarters of the films that were made 
* Movies lost include Cleopatra from 1917 and  The Great Gatsby from 1926
* Study carried out by Library of Congress in Washington

Hollywood’s golden age of silent film has largely gone forever. 

The vast majority of feature-length silent movies made in the U.S. over the past 100 years have been lost due to decay and neglect, according to a new study that will horrify cinema lovers.

In the first comprehensive survey of silent films, the Library of Congress in Washington discovered that not a trace remains of three quarters of the films that were made.


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 Subject: [ARSCLIST] Wonderful new web resources
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 Date: Thursday, 5 December, 2013, 1:27
 I don't recall reading an
 announcement of this here. If I'm mistaken I hope
 you'll agree that it's well worth a new mention.
 The great Media History Project that scans media serials for
 the Internet
 Archive, and provides a handy front end for them, has added
 runs of Talking
 Machine World; the 1896 Phonoscope; and the Edison
 Phonograph Monthly to
 its already rich holdings.
 Congrats and thanks to David Pierce (author of the important
 just-published survey of extant silent films) and his team,
 and the staff
 of the LC Recorded Sound Reference Center.
 Have fun. My apologies to your families.
 Sam Brylawski