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As a retired college faculty member, I wouldn't trust much of any school to 'use them appropriately.'

As a retired faculty member and curator, I share your perspective. I don't see how anyone, with any awareness, could donate to an institution.


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You can't take it with you, and you must assume that no one else
values it and nothing good will happen to it unless you make
preparations and enlist allies who will outlive you.


Yes, but easier said than done. One friend set up an agreement with Columbia University, and now they are asking him to take some of it back! Another friend, with a substantial collection of contemporary classical music, most of it from broadcast sources, can't find any individual or institution interested…and my garage is full of stuff I got from two friends who passed away. I am not talking about standard commercial recordings, but many airchecks, personally done interviews, and probably unique, in-house recordings.

The solution seems clear to me…find a major donor who is interested in audio preservation and collecting. Endow a non-profit tax exempt corporation and set up a home for these things…catalogers, conservationists, etc. and provide proper storage and access. Most importantly, let it be run by individuals who are informed and value the significance of what they are collecting. Yet, given the copyrights, the intention of most collectors would be frustrated…namely, the option of being able to share and provide reasonable access to their recordings…So, we are back to square one...

My collection is likely headed to the dumpster…or the last collector standing.