This has come up for me a few times.  As my antipathy for <note> is well
documented, I have always advocated for using <relatedmaterial> for
internal references. I will ask the tag library editorial team to consider
revising the element definition to make it more accommodating of the
ISAD(G) usage.


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> Hi there,
> I'm just wanting to advise an archivist who wants to refer to related
> material that is within the same collection.
> The <relatedmaterial> tag is NOT for materials related by provenance.
> However, it is comparable to ISAD(G) 3.5.3
> ISAD(G) 3.5.3 is for "information about units of description in the same
> repository or elsewhere that ARE related by provenance or other
> association(s)
> Has anyone come up against this issue before?
> I know <separatedmaterial> is for materials related by provenance, but
> it's for materials that have been separated from the described materials.
> In this case there is no separation - it's all one collection, but the
> cataloguer wants to point researchers to related items within the
> collection.
> cheers,
> Jane
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