I'm forwarding this announcement on behalf of our partner, NFAIS. Note the discounts provided for government employees and those registering multiple staff. -- Gail


 The 2014 NFAIS Annual Conference, *Giving Voice to Content: Re-envisioning the Business of Information, *will take place February 23 - 25, 2014 at the historic Hyatt at the Bellevue<>in
Philadelphia, PA.  Early bird registrations are available until January 10, 2014. Until then savings of up to $200 off the full registration fee are available and NFAIS members registering three or more staff at the same time receive even greater savings (for details, see

 *Continuing this year: *

 · 50% discounts for staff of member organizations that are in the early stages of their career (5 years or less)*. *Call for details.

· 38% discount on daily rates for all government employees

· 20% discount on full/daily rates for first time non-member attendees

· Use of audience-response devices throughout the conference to capture audience opinions – all

registrants will have access to the results

 This three-day meeting will take a look a new information mindset that is emerging. The ability to unearth or create new layers of knowledge using big data techniques such as data mining, linking, analytics, and metrics is challenging content providers and librarians to look at their information from a new perspective, considering its value in terms of *all* the possible ways it can be deployed in the future, not merely how it is used in the present.  This new mindset provides an opportunity to ensure their relevance in a highly-competitive digital information world by re-envisioning their content and developing the policies, practices, and business models that will facilitate - not inhibit – its use.

 *Highlights Include*: (program details can be accessed at:

 · A thought-provoking keynote by Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel and Scientist Emeritus at bitly, on the application of big data techniques to extract new insights or create new forms of value that can potentially change information markets and the organizations that serve them .

 · A look at “datafication,” the generation of data and visualization from social and environmental processes, data that can then be quantified and measured to create new understanding or the world around us.

 · John Blossom’s view of the Signal Economy, a global shift in how value is created in all markets across manufacturing, media, marketing and services.

   - A look at how  innovative publishers such as *The New York Times, *OCLC,
   and Elsevier are applying data mining, linking, analytics, and metrics to
   create smart content.

   - New technologies for collecting, enhancing, and managing information,
   including crowd-sourcing and the use of mobile devices for data collection.

 · A discussion of the issues that content providers and librarians must address as the new information mindset takes hold, issues such as the re-use and sharing of content, privacy, content ownership, attribution, and others which if they are to be resolved require moving beyond the comfort zone of current practices, policies, biases, and business mindsets.

· A closing keynote by Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, IBM SOA Center of Excellence, on the impact of “SMAC” - social, mobile, analytics, and cloud - that will combine with cognitive systems to have a major impact on 21st-century business, government, and society in

*To register or obtain more information contact:* Jill O'Neill, NFAIS Director of Communication and Planning ([log in to unmask] or 215-893-1561) or visit the NFAIS Web site at:

  National Federation of Advanced Information Services (*NFAIS*), 1518 Walnut Street, Suite 1004, Philadelphia, PA 19102-3403.

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