The Stephen Low Library at the NFATC have the following books to offer. There is no charge for shipping.

These are primarily  international literature and  books about diplomacy. They are in variable condition

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Department of State Authors and topics (mostly)



National  Defense

James Fallows


Beyond Freedom and Dignity

B.F. Skinner


Path Between the Seas

David McCullough


Communicating with the world

Hans N. Tuch


Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Support Development

Council for a community of Democracies


Protocol for the Modern Diplomat

Foreign service Institute


Engaging the Arab & Islamic worlds through Public Diplomacy

William A.  Rugh


U.S. Public Diplomacy

David I. Hitchcock


Origins of a Catastrophe: Yugoslavia and its destroyers

Warren Zimmerman


Proud Servant: Memories of a career ambassador

Ellis O. Briggs


Finland in the new Europe

Max Jacobson


215 Days in the life of an American Ambassador

Marten F. Hertz


Behind Embassy Walls

Brandon Grove





Latin American Literature


American and British Writers in Mexico 1556-1973

Gunn, Drewey Wayne  (ed.)

Burning Patience

Antonio Skameta

Carlos Fuentes (criticism)

Wendy Faris

Deep Rivers

Jose Maria Arguedas

Carlos Fuentes

Wendy Faris

Eye of the Heart

Multiple authos ed by Barbara Howes

Modern Brazilian Short Stories

William Grossman


Jose Lezama Lima

Poisoned Water

Fernando Benitez

European Literature

Bridge on the Drina, The

Andric, Ivo

Good Soldier Svejk

Hasek, Jaroslav

Laughable Loves

Kundera. Milan

Farewell Party, The

Kundera. Milan

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Kundera. Milan

At the Back of the North Wind

MacDonald, George

Leopard, The

Di Lampedusa, Guiseppi

Minor Apocalypse, A

Konwicki, Tadeus

Caseworker, The

Konrad, George

Portuguese Prince and other Stories

Dery, Tibor

Orlando Furioso

Ariosto, Ludovico

Lusiads, The

De Camoes, Luis Vaz

Hero of our Time, A

Lermontov, Mikhail

Fathers and Sons

Turgenev, Ivan

Makepeace Experiment, The

Tertz, Abram

Deserted House, The


South to Destiny

Cosic, Dobrica

Illustrious House of Ramires

de Queiros, Eca

Stone Raft

Saramago, Jose

That Bringas Woman

Galdos, Benito Perez

Obscence Bird of Night, The

Donoso, Jose

Sacred Families

Donoso, Jose

























































Denise Rosenblatt



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