Hi Donald,

My coworker alerted me to your issue with the MODS to DC XSLT. I think the
problem here might be that this stylesheet assumes you’re always using
@point with dateCreated and dateIssued by only applying templates to the
children that have a point="start" attribute. I tested the stylesheet as is
and it outputs dates with start and end appropriately, but doesn't output
dates without a point attribute.

Seems like under the <“xsl:template match=”mods:originInfo”> section you’ll
want to add in <xsl:apply-templates select="*[not(@point)]"/> and that
should do the trick.

However, that won't pick up any cases if you happened to encode a date with
a point="end" that doesn't have a corresponding point="start".

When trying your code, my output with start and end dates ended up as
"18091864" instead of "1809-1864".

Michelle Fredette

Metadata Resident

Amherst College