Dear PREMIS Implementers,

The PREMIS Editorial Committee is considering an evolution of the XML 
schema in the next version of PREMIS that would give the ability to 
declare explicitly, in a PREMIS description, the controlled vocabulary 
used for a particular controlled value.

This requirement emerged from the latest PREMIS Implementation Fair at 
iPRES2013 in September, especially for organizations that would like to 
declare specific controlled vocabularies in PREMIS that could specialize 
the generic suggested values and that could be managed at a 
regional or local level.

The PREMIS Editorial Committee has considered this need and is making the 
following proposal to address it.

At Data Dictionary level, the requirement "value should be taken from a 
controlled vocabulary" is considered sufficient ; therefore, the 
particular mechanism for declaring a particular vocabulary relies on the 
serialization of the data dictionary, in the XML schema but also in the 
PREMIS ontology.
This proposal is therefore focused on the XML Schema evolution.

We think such a mechanism used in XML could be inspired from MODS and be 
the following : 
For any controlled vocabulary-driven semantic unit, the corresponding XML 
element would have the following attributes:
       * authority: the name of the controlled vocabulary as character 
string (useful if you do not have a URI for the controlled vocabulary, or 
do not want to assign one in the XML description)
       * authorityURI: the URI of the whole controlled vocabulary.
       * valueURI: the URI for the controlled value.
The controlled value as a character string would remain the value of the 
corresponding XML element.

This can be illustrated by the following example for a controlled value 
given for eventType. Note that, for illustration sake, we use an controlled value, which is recommended whenever applicable, but 
that the same framework can be used for declaring local or regional 
controlled vocabularies.

       <eventType authority="premisEventType" authorityURI="" valueURI="">migration</
       <eventDetail>Adobe Photoshop</eventDetail>

Note that all those attributes would be optional, and that, if you strip 
off the attributes, this is a PREMIS 2 record. 
In other terms, you can discard this new feature if you do not want to 
implement it.

We would like to know, as implementers, if,  you think this feature is 
useful, and if you have suggestions or comments about it.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the Committee,


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