I appreciate your shepherding the Linux/NOID server space to fruition.  Nice to have friends in high places.

I don't know why Jen Short was not invited to the last Scholarly Commons update meeting; I should say that I was unaware of that situation until this afternoon.  Mark Lane's methodology has been to meet with the Breeze team piecemeal, with those of us involved in the metadata design (Laura and the undersigned) meeting a couple of times early in the process.


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I'm not sure why some recipients received an unintelligible version of my message, since it appears just fine in the list archive:

But it is replicated below in any case. Thanks, Roy

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>The "MARC Usage in WorldCat" project[1] has passed a major milestone 
>and is moving into a new phase. After reporting every quarter of 2013 
>on how MARC has been used in the now over 300 million record database, 
>I am transitioning into an annual reporting cycle.
>To do this I have "archived" (moved aside but it is still available for
>viewing) the previous web site of the four quarterly snapshots for 2013 
>and have changed the main site to focus on the January reports for 2013 
>and 2014. All of the subfield reports are still in progress but I 
>expect to have them completed by the end of the month.
>The two visualizations that I released last month based on the October
>2013 WorldCat snapshot are also still available.
>Finally, I will continue to field requests for reports on particular 
>subfields. So although the project is moving into more of a maintenance 
>phase, I expect to be called upon occasionally to augment the existing 
>reports when information is needed by the BIBFRAME, AUTOCAT, or general 
>library communities.
>As always, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Roy Tennant 
>OCLC Research