If you’re attending the ALA Midwinter Conference, Philadelphia, PA, January, 24-28, 2014:


The Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS) would like to invite you to a forum on the Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) to be held on Sunday, January 26, 2014, 1:00-2:30, at the Philadelphia Convention Center, Room 121-B.


Please join us to learn about developments on this exciting project!


CaMMS Forum on the Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME)




Sally McCallum

Chief of the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress


Title of talk:  MARC tags to BIBFAME Vocabulary:  a new view of metadata


Abstract: McCallum will discuss the BIBFRAME Vocabulary and the model and direction it is going, with reference to the MARC model and familiar MARC tagging, illustrating that while the fundamental purpose is the same (describing resources for retrieval by end users) the BIBFRAME model will pull bibliographic data toward the web.


Michael Colby

Head of Original Cataloging and Music Bibliographer, University of California, Davis


Abstract: The University of California, Davis Libraries have received grant funding from the IMLS for the project: Reinventing Cataloging: Models for the Future of Library Operations. The proposed project defines a research agenda and set of activities to advance our community’s understanding of the resource description landscape and will begin to develop a roadmap that the library community can reference for planning investments and changes over the coming years. The project plans to collect data samples in several different encoding standards (MARC, DC, MODS, etc.), map and convert them into the BIBFRAME model and make them available in a next-generation discovery tool for reaction of the library community. The project will also look at the technical services workflows related to the feasibility and success of adopting the BIBFRAME model in research libraries. This presentation will introduce the goals and timeline of the two-year grant project and provide an opportunity for input at this very early stage.


Eric Miller

President, Zepheira


Abstract: The Web is the most successful communication platform ever conceived and is quickly evolving into the most pervasive knowledge sharing platform imaginable. Linked Data enables this  knowledge sharing platform by leveraging the Web as an architecture for connecting data, lowering social and technical barriers for sharing connections and accelerating social computing. This presentation will provide an overview of Linked Data and discuss the evolving technical, social and policy trends that are shaping the application of these technologies (such as BIBFRAME) by the Library community. This talk will further demonstrate practical uses of these technologies and demonstrate how they may be used to lower costs, accelerate collaboration beyond our traditional community walls and provide new ways to support users need to discover, curate and remix relevant information.



We look forward to seeing you there!


Rebecca Mugridge

Chair, Cataloging and Metadata Management Section




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