Hi David,


Thanks for writing and using the discussion list for its intended purpose :-)


There isn't an OAI-PMH endpoint built into Chronicling America. Even if there was it probably wouldn't help you since it sounds like you are interested in loading Lincoln related material, not all 6.6 million pages of newspaper content.


That being said I think it would be relatively easy to write a script that uses Chronicling Amreica's API to search for lincoln related material and generate a CSV that you could load into Omeka using the csv-import plugin [1].


Since you are local to DC perhaps you could stop by LC sometime and we could walk through how that might work? Or we can hash it out here on list. Let me know what you would prefer.




[1] http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/csv-import/


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the list, but in doing a search of the archives it appears this subject hasn't been discussed before; my apologies if it has. I'm the Digital Projects Manager at Ford's Theatre in Washington, working on a project to bring together responses to the Lincoln assassination from the 13 months thereafter. We're working with a group of partners from across the country. While the platform for the final site is TBD (after we conduct user evaluation), we're setting up an Omeka site in the interim so that partners can begin submitting their materials. Newspapers, of course, are one of the sources we'd like to use. A search for "Lincoln" in our chronological range in Chronicling America yields 8338 hits (although we know that not all of those will apply). Have any of you gotten data from Chronicling America into Omeka, without doing it manually? Is there a way to use OAI-PMH to harvest the metadata (since Omeka has an OAI-PMH harvester as one of its plugins)? I'm *slightly* familiar with APIs, but haven't done much with them. Any pointers anyone could offer would be most appreciated! Thanks. David McKenzie Digital Projects Manager, Ford's Theatre Society [log in to unmask]