I'd suggest reading into SNAC: http://socialarchive.iath.virginia.edu/

They have generated more than 4 million EAC records derived programmatically from a variety of sources: finding aid collections, authority files, and others (http://socialarchive.iath.virginia.edu/contributors.html).  It is a multi-year project which has been well-funded by the NEH and Mellon.  I don't know how you've not heard very much noise.  It's quite a visible project--had write-ups in the Chronicle and other national media, well-represented at SAA.


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> There will eventually be a critical mass of millions of CPF records that form an international database of entities (not necessarily authority records), enabling the aggregation of archival content based on these entities.  The SNAC team can speak more on the future of this endeavor.

Who are making these (millions) of records? I haven’t heard very much noise about them. —Eric Morgan