The National Agricultural Library is recruiting for the position of Deputy Director.  The recruitment period is from January 13th to January 27th, 2014.


The incumbent is responsible for 1.) facilitating strategic & tactical planning of the world's largest and most modern agricultural library; 2.) directing the planning, design, development, and deployment of library programs and services; 3.) directing and managing the library business and collection development; 4.) directing and managing library operations and activities; 5.) introducing and integrating modern technologies to improve library programs and services. Technologies include, but not limited to, big data management, information management, knowledge management, digitization, ontology, semantic networks, web, or mobile computing.


The announcement URL is:




Christopher Cole

Manager, Business Development

National Agricultural Library

10301 Baltimore Avenue

Belstville, MD 20705-2351

1-301-504-7296 v

1-301-504-7042 f




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