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The National Agricultural Library is now recruiting for the position of Technical Information Specialist (non-MARC metadata). The announcement will close on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Complete vacancy announcement information and application instructions are posted on USAJOBS, (Job Announcement Number: DEU-14-1024516-AF; Control Number: 358749200).

The incumbent will be responsible for:

*       Managing transformations of heterogeneous metadata from a variety of sources for ingest into NAL's repository by analyzing source data and documenting cross-walks between source data and NAL's MODS schema.
*       Developing, designing, adapting, testing and maintaining XML schemas and XSLT stylesheets.
*       Developing, implementing, and executing quality control mechanisms.
*       Identifying and troubleshooting problems with production and developmental transformations.
*       Monitoring global developments in metadata standards, creation, management, and indexing.
*       Maintaining current knowledge of theory and best practices, and recommending adjustments in local practice where appropriate.

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