Hi everyone,

In honor of National Self Defense Month this January the DC/SLA Lethal
Librarians are back with another self defense class! Whether this is your
first self defense class or you want some extra practice all are welcome!

DC/SLA is offering a chance to learn some butt kicking moves with
instructor Evan Dzierzynski, owner NOVA Self

We'll be learning the Personal Defense Readiness system. The class will
cover the precursors of the most dangerous street attacks, the changes the
body undergoes during the chaos of a violent situation, and how to utilize
their body's hard-wired protection system to effectively defend ourselves.

Networking and intros at 6:00 pm, class is from 6:30-8:30. We'll be moving
around so wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothing. Space is
limited so please sign up early! For more information about the system
we'll be learning contact Evan Dzierzynski <[log in to unmask]>.


*DATE: * Wednesday, January 29, 2014

*TIME:* 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
*LOCATION:*  Dr. Oswald Durant Memorial Center   *Closest Metro Station*:
King St (Yellow and Blue lines)   Google Maps Walking Directions from King
St Metro<,+King+Street,+Alexandria,+VA&daddr=1605+Cameron+St,+Alexandria,+VA&hl=en&sll=38.807264,-77.058749&sspn=0.002412,0.005284&geocode=FUQiUAIdGiRo-yHHnKjk5atsiSkBfzJzqrG3iTHHnKjk5atsiQ%3BFXMoUAId6jVo-ymT8ucnALG3iTEbmZX3Sf3bNg&oq=1605+Cameron+st,+Alexandria,+VA+22314&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ls&z=18>

*Questions contact:* Chris Vestal at
[log in to unmask]<[log in to unmask]>
 Dr. Oswald Durant Memorial Center
1605 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA

Christopher M. Vestal
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