Last week I asked if others on this list had any experience with archiving social media content at their respective agencies.  I did get two responses which are summarized below:


Matthew Ramey at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Library began testing the Internet Archive’s Archive-It tool about four years ago. He said the previous releases of Archive-It had some fundamental issues with social media sites. For example, the tool wanted to crawl all the rotating ads on the sides of Facebook pages which led to poor results and caused them to reach their subscription storage limit too quickly.


He did stress, however, that other Archive-It implementers had much improved results using newer releases of the tool. He said the latest release of Archive-It is supposed to have more robust capture features for social media. Many participating organizations at a recent Archive-It partner meeting seemed happy with the service.



Siobhan Champ-Blackwell from the National Library of Medicine shared how her organization keeps a database of “evergreen” messages they can tweet on occasion. The information they share via tweet is kept in an MS Access database. Information from the database is exported to an MS Excel file which is then uploaded to Hootsuite to share their message across several Twitter accounts. The Excel file includes the date/time information is posted which helps track what was tweeted when. The Access database also has the date information of past tweets.  They do not keep any sort of digital snapshot of the tweets themselves.
A poster that summarizes the process can be found here:


If others are interested in sharing their experiences, it looks like there is enough interest on the list to post publicly.
Thanks, all.
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