Technical Information Specialist GS-11/12
Announcement no:  DEU-14-1024516-AF


*         Manages transformations of heterogeneous metadata from a variety of sources for ingest into NAL's repository by analyzing source data and documenting cross-walks between source data and NAL's MODS schema.

*         Develops, designs, adapts, tests and maintains XML schemas and XSLT stylesheets.

*         Develops, implements, and executes quality control mechanisms.

*         Identifies and troubleshoots problems with production and developmental transformations.

*         Monitors global developments in metadata standards, creation, management, and indexing.

*         Maintains current knowledge of theory and best practices, and recommends adjustments in local practice where appropriate.


*         Creating technical documentation and procedures for an agency's metadata process, including crosswalks, local metadata schema, etc.;

*         Monitoring developments in metadata creation, management, and indexing, maintaining current knowledge of theory and practice, and recommends adjustments in local practice where appropriate;

*         Training and education of internal staff and external parties on issues related to multiple varieties of metadata, including MODS, Dublin Core, RDF ontologies, XML, XSLT, PREMIS, EAD, etc.; and

*         Communicating with publishers or other metadata suppliers regarding agency metadata standards and appropriate Document Type Definitions (DTD).

*         Working with metadata suppliers and internal/external staff to set up ftp access for suppliers to upload metadata or set up appropriate email submission procedures;

*         Providing quality control of metadata in internal and/or external metadata data stores.
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Shirley Souder
National Agricultural Library
Acquisitions and Metadata Branch
10301 Baltimore Blvd, Room G-13
Beltsville, MD  20705

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