I’ve just read the recently approved JSC document about Treaties. I am not a law cataloger, but I am attempting to update our catalog with the Phase 2 changes to the abbreviations in treaty dates.

I ran a report yesterday that changed ‘Sept.’ to ‘September’ in the Marc 240 field (looking first for the word ‘Treaties’) and I am now reviewing that report. I am finding, and the RDA documentation states, to make  a reciprocal AAP in the bibliographic record for another country that signed a treaty (in many cases). That exact ‘string’ is also in an authority record as a variant access point. Why is it in both  a bibliographic record 710 and in the authority record as a variant?   Where is this practice ‘going’ or what is the future of this type of access point (710) or authority record variant?


Can anyone speak to what has now ‘changed’ between AACR2 and RDA practices? What should I ‘watch for’ and correct as I review the reports I am running to change abbreviations?


Thanks for any help,


Mary Charles Lasater

Authorities Coordinator

Vanderbilt University