I received my copy a week or so ago, and really enjoy it - so nice to hear
so many great tracks that I'm not already familiar with!  25 Years Ago,
Crazy Women, Deuce & a Quarter were especially good.

I was trying to find liner notes for the CD and here they are:

plus a story on NPR about it:

This is their compilation #15.  I wish I could acquire #s 1-14   And I LOVE
that pic of the red pickup loaded with LPs on the CD cover!  Just a tad
less portable than your USB drive, but hey.  Too fun.


On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 11:06 AM, Steve Ramm <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> And while I can't promise they'll do next year Tom, for the last couple of
> years they offer a FREE gift subscription with renewal ($19.95). I used my
> free  gift already but I am now subscribed to December 2015!
> Steve
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> Thanks  to Steve Ramm (I think) who provided link to order this fine
> magazine and CD  set. Only
> nitpick -- the description of the CD describes original 78RPM  releases as
> "45's". Definitely no
> "45's" in 1931. The CDs have some good  stuff, a lot of different sources
> in one place. Everything
> I've read so  far in the magazine has been enjoyable. Steve makes a good
> point that  subscribing for a
> full year costs only a couple bux more than buying just  the Southern Music
> issue/CD. Good tip!
> Happy New Year to all.
> --  Tom Fine