From the articles on the web, no need to panic - the EXPEDIT line is being replaced by a KALLAX series - almost
exactly the same, except the wide side panels have been narrowed.  I have not seen any statement about
weight limits or any change to the interior of the shelving, nor any price information (hopefully they
may lower the price).
  The following article shows an 8x8 cubicle unit which has collapsed - Anyone done something to prevent this (e.g. add bracing,
brackets, etc.)  Having one end against a wall would prevent collapse in that direction, but it seems it
could fall the other way......
  Best wishes, Thomas.

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Well, that's not good news. I had just bought one of the Expedit shelving units last year. I needed something to put more LPs in.
So I bought one that had 8 cubbies.
I like it. I went to the Ikea store to check it out and it was fairly solid. The price wasn't outrageous either. Now I actually
need more space and I want another one. I'll have to make sure I get over there soon. The last time I was there they were out of
some models. Maybe with the change-over they won't replenish stock.

Mark Shakarjian

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On Feb 22, 2014, at 10:37 AM, Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> According to various web articles and the Jim Eigo Jazz Promo e-mail,
> IKEA will replace their EXPEDIT line with KALLAX units which have thinner
> side boards.
> Has anyone experience using EXPEDIT for LP storage??
> Most composite material shelves (which these are) do not stand up
> to the weight of vinyl, certainly not shellac.
> I've seen some of the IKEA BILLY shelves used for CD storage,
> the shelves tend to sag after a while.
> Any comments welcome.  Thanks!
> Best wishes, Thomas.