Hi Cheryl:

For doing professional transfers of 78s, I use my KAB-modified Technics 1200mkIV. But I also own one 
of these, and it's pretty darn close to the Technics performance, with some mods:

The first mod I recommend is get a heavy turntable mat. I bought a Technics before they became 
unavailable. There are other options out there.

You also might need to fiddle with headshell added weight and the somewhat cheapo counterweight on 
the other end of the tonearm to get all 78's to track well. The idea is, add weight on both ends to 
get more total mass. You can also expect to fiddle with the inexact anti-skate adjustment for 
optimal results in some situations.

I suppose a good tech could open one of these things up and do better wiring down the tonearm and 
out to the RCA jacks, but I'd sure want to hear before and after and there to be a clearly-audible 
difference before I'd say that's "necessary." The thing seems to put out about the same quality 
sound and noise floor as a stock Technics. I don't recommend the built-in USB converter. It's junk. 
The built-in phono preamp is also not good sounding, but it'll do in a pinch.

As for cartridges, I'm sure you know all about different needles and the guys in England that make 
them. The Shure M78 is OK, the Grado for 78's is probably better. There's now an Ortofon MM for 
78's. I have an old Stanton 500 with a KAB-supplied set of needles from the guys in England. I also 
have a stock M78 to play non-critical or badly worn records.

If you're just wanting to enjoy listening to the shellacs in your shelves, I think the Stanton 
turntable is a good reasonably-priced choice. I think the more critical difference as far as clearly 
audible will be your choice of cartridges and then using the right stylus for each record.

-- Tom Fine

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>I am needing advice on turntables.
> I am looking for a turntable that I will only play 78s on. I have another setup in a different 
> room for Lps & 45s. I do prefer a standard head so I can easily change cartridges. And I would 
> also like advice on cartridges and styli I have tended to use shure, but I know there are newer 
> options.
> When there was still a good repairman in Baltimore this would have been an easy decision I would 
> have just gone to Leon, but he died a few years ago. I have multiple semi working turntables and 
> it is time for something reliable. I am not looking for high end, mid range is more appropriate, 
> but I don't need the cheapest. I would consider used locally if anyone has recommendations, 
> especially if I could include my miscellaneous ones in trade. But a used one must be in excellent 
> condition.
> But I am more inclined to go for new.
> Cheryl Thurber
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