I have found that a designated 78 cartridge is better than a stereo one. The 
G.E. cartridges are fine to an extent. The pick-up poles are right in line 
to where the stylus contacts the record, and I believe more accurate than a 
stereo cartridge  - for 78's anyway.  Stylii are available for it too and 
are not expensive from Voice of Music online.

I have considered the stylus itself to be the weak link as it has 
comparatively low compliance which makes it necessary to track more heavily. 
If there is a manufacturer reading this, I would suggest re-thinking the 
structure of the replacement stylus itself to improve compliance - there is 
nothing wrong with the cartridge itself.

Any tone arm with a VR cartridge sould have a bit of mass- the output will 
be better and less noise. A Pickering M190 arm is nicely balanced ,easily 
adjustable for tracking force, and has enough mass to track difficult 

 The draw back in using a stereo cartridge is that the high volume of a 78 
rpm record creates a resonance in the canilever assembly , resulting in 
distortion creating warmth in the resulting sound, and it's not accurate. 
Lps are recorded at a lower level and the stylus doesn't resonate so much . 
I use a Shure M97 for recording but play slow at 33 1/3 to get improved 

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>I am needing advice on turntables.
> I am looking for a turntable that I will only play 78s on. I have another 
> setup in a different room for Lps & 45s. I do prefer a standard head so I 
> can easily change cartridges. And I would also like advice on cartridges 
> and styli I have tended to use shure, but I know there are newer options.
> When there was still a good repairman in Baltimore this would have been an 
> easy decision I would have just gone to Leon, but he died a few years ago. 
> I have multiple semi working turntables and it is time for something 
> reliable. I am not looking for high end, mid range is more appropriate, 
> but I don't need the cheapest. I would consider used locally if anyone has 
> recommendations, especially if I could include my miscellaneous ones in 
> trade. But a used one must be in excellent condition.
> But I am more inclined to go for new.
> Cheryl Thurber
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