Dear Richard, Paul and everyone else.
Okay, here's what I think and what made me think about it. The tapes do 
not need baking, they do not show any signs on hydrolysis. SKC is a 
Koran brand that makes pretty good tapes on the lower end (TDK d, Sony 
HF, TDK SA, etc). They can sound very nice and their chrome tapes 
reached -1db at 19.5kHz on my auto bias deck. I have never had tapes 
from SKC squeal before so I played them in different decks for ingest 
and found that they squealed in all decks except the RX-202. This 
includes other decks that are single capstan as well.

The RX-202 is a single capstan design that relies on the felt pad for 
head contact. I can try to change the shell and slip sheets but I 
suspect the tape has dried up a bit. What I think makes it play in the 
RX is the head geometry that is more cone like rather than curved. I 
think it makes for a shorter head area that is in contact with the tape 
and at a sharper angle of attack. The MR-1 (cr-7, dragon, 680, etc, have 
more curved heads.

I tried to play the tape in a closed loop (several machines) and it 
squealed in all of them. I think the closed loop makes a tighter tape 
that resonates faster because of higher tape tension on the head. BTW, 
the RX might not be a Dragon but it's a very good player. If I could 
only disable it's "skip unrecorded end" where it FF if it thinks there 
is nothing recorded, it would be perfect.


בתאריך 06/02/14 9:28 PM, ציטוט Richard L. Hess:
> Hi, Paul,
> I'm sorry for all the details, but this was a real gestalt for me.
> In general, when a cassette squeals in the Nakamichi Dragon, the only 
> thing that helps is lubrication with D5. That was why I was so excited 
> by Shai's "discovery" as it provided a whole new perspective on 
> potential causes and cures.
> Generally (and I'd love to hear Shai's answer with this specific 
> tape), placing the tape into a new shell has had no effect. That 
> bypasses the slipsheet question and the hub-to-shell friction.
> So, thanks to you and others who mentioned slipsheets as that is 
> important. I had a cassette that would not play for a client and I was 
> able to make it play, and slipsheets were part of the issue--the ones 
> that came with the tape were all wavy and horrid. The other part was 
> minor layer-to-layer adhesion, but not enough to pull off mag coat.
> I do not know what caused the adhesion, but I would not be surprised 
> if it were some exudate from the decaying slipsheets.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On 2014-02-06 12:20 PM, Paul Stamler wrote:
>> After Richard's detailed discussion I'm hesitant to jump in with an
>> elementary-level question, but here it is:
>> Shai, have you replaced the slipsheets in the squealing cassettes?
>> Peace,
>> Paul
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