Simmer down people.

I don't think that anyone was trying to establish that these particular tapes originated at the CBC, or that they were stolen.  I personally, was just trying to voice an issue that I am familiar with regarding provenance and ownership.   
Whether or not you check the tapes for identifying markings, or decide to follow up with CBC, isn't my concern.  But, I will say - just because someone gave you a copy of something, doesn't mean you own the intellectual content, even if you have the only remaining copy in existence.  

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I don't think they were ever established as CBC recordings. The only connection is that Larry Lake was a long time CBC producer and I mentioned that I have many recordings that are in the same category from CBC, (I didn't steal them). 


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> On Feb 10, 2014, at 12:56 PM, Russell Miller <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I don't see where, in this discussion, it's been established that 
> these were CBC recordings. Yes, there are items that walk out of 
> institutions and ought to be given back, but these could be private 
> tapes that have nothing to do with CBC, or if they were done by CBC 
> these could be copies that were made for, and given to, Gould.
> The question of the tapes' market value is one thing. Whether the 
> musical and sonic values add up to something that could or should be 
> released to the public, that's a different question.
> Best,
> Russell