However, it is only compatible with certain machines and require certain
firmware from Studer.  But firmware can be updated.  Aside from control and
timing information, we can collect tape "transparency" metadata, that is
used to detect tape drop-outs or bad splices.  (We have done some custom
support for additional reel-to reel machines.)

For DAT, we use RS232 using P2 protocol - which was native on Sony broadcast
DAT machines.  For other DAT devices control might be possible... but we
like the Sony's because we also collect error rates and playback metadata
that happens at the DAT machine. (C2 errors, mutes, interpolation and

We have similar interfaces for some older Tascam broadcast cassette decks
(eg: 112mkII 122mkII) as well as the Otari DAS-4C archive cassette deck.

These interfaces are optional with QUADRIGA...


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If memory serves, Quadriga had a bunch of this all sorted out for Studer
machines with the 232 interface.
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On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Henry Borchers <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I am currently researching the RS-232 connection for possible automation.
> A number of our broadcast decks (DAT, MiniDisc, Reel), have this 
> connection. When I looked up the documentation, I got the impression 
> that there is a lot of functionality under the hood of these devices 
> that a proper computer script could use to automate as well as extract 
> technical metadata directly from the machine.
> Has anybody done any work with this and if so, are there papers 
> written about this that I could use in furthering my research?
> Thanks for any advice
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