Karen said:

>Mac, identifiers will for the most part replace the MARC fixed fields. 
>If you have an identifier for the RDA content or media type, then that 
>is as good as a fixed field code...

Interesting that the text above was on list, but not in the version which
came to my private inbox.

The RDA content term "text" does not distinguish amongst poems,
Festschrift, government documents, etc., etc.  Neither do the media
terms disclose jurisdiction of publication, language of text, and
other fixed field data.

Granted there is a *lot* of MARC fixed field and 0XX data not utilized
in most OPACs.  But some of it is.

Margaret Mann's clarifying words added to title would help.  Her
example was "Fire [poems]" I seem to remember.  But RDA disallows
those.  We are going to continue at least ":$b[proceedings]" where the
title is only the name of the conference.
With the absence of fixed fields, it will be more important for
variable fields to be explicit, e.g., jurisdiction supplied in imprint
when lacking.

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