03.02.2014 15:14, Ford, Kevin:

> This is still very much a testing and experimentation phase.  In
> addition to being conceptual, it is designed to be functional.  So,
> the Editor could be used to create and manipulate resource
> descriptions - and it will have the ability to save to a backend
> store -
And in what format(s) will this saving be possible?

> - but it is not being developed with the expectation that it
> would become *the* way to do this work here at LC, or elsewhere
> (unless someone wants to take it in that direction).

BIBFRAME being a very new and as yet unfinished specification,
it is understandable that there is no application-ready product
yet to support input and editing of BIBFRAME data.
And if I'm not very wrong, beside the Bibframe editor there's no
alternative in the making one might consider instead.

But this means that, as of now, it is not advisable to make any
decision pro BIBFRAME as successor for MARC. For decisions, we need a
proof of concept and a usable product that is not only technically
but also economically feasible for everyday operation. Quite a
tall order, I'd say.
Is it safe to say that this is not likely to happen this year?