Thanks, Nate, but I'm still not sure about "URL". The definition of 
range is:

"rdfs:range is an instance of rdf:Property that is used to state that 
the values of a property are instances of one or more classes."

So the range must refer to a class. "Literal" is an RDF class, but I 
can't find where "URL" is defined as a class. It's the URL in there that 
I find confusing, especially because it is always combined with names of 
classes. Is it a class, or is it defining the datatype of the classes 
listed? (Note that there are cells with "URL ; URL" which add to my 

If it is a class, does it mean that each of the properties can take any 
value that is in the form of a URL in addition to the classes listed?

Or is it saying, as I posited below, that the classes mentioned must be 
represented as URL/URIs?


On 2/7/14, 12:28 PM, Trail, Nate wrote:
> Expected value is the Range.
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> Can someone clarify the meaning of the "expected values" column in the
> vocabulary pages? I see things like:
> Related <>; URL ; Work
> <>
> It appears that there are two pieces of information:
> 1) URL or Literal
> 2 )range (Related, Work, etc.)
> Is that how it should be read? Thanks,
> kc
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