Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce a new feature in the online catalog of the German National Library, available at  : Out of the full presentation of a single record, there is an entry added to the list of possible actions (Print View, MARC21 XML Representation of this Record, RDF/XML Representation of this Record, etc.), reading "BIBFRAME-Repräsentation dieses Datensatzes" ("BIBFRAME Representation of this Record"). By clicking this link the record is converted on the fly from the internal Pica+ format into BIBFRAME, and offered to the browser for download.

Thus the German National Library publishes a prototypical representation of its bibliographic data in BIBFRAME format.

Further information is contained in the presentation, given on 26 January 2014 at the Library of Congress BIBFRAME Update Forum during the Midwinter Meetings of the American Library Association; the slides are available at  .

The BIBFRAME representation is an additional serialization in RDF, and - as all DNB data published in RDF - it falls under the CC0 license.

This link doesn't provide a full featured service yet. It is instead a starting point for further developments. A crucial task will be to synchronize the recent status with the "Vocabulary 1.0", published by the Library of Congress in January 2014 at  .

We are looking forward to your comments.

Best wishes

Reinhold Heuvelmann


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