VTLS has been working on BibFrame for over a year. We have a working
system based on the current mappings that are available from LOC taking
Marc to BibFrame. The experimental system has been available for 8 months.
This month we are releasing a working software system to beta testers.

It has at least the following capabilities:
1. Hierarchic display of BibFrame records (like we did in our FRBR
2. Storage of BibFrame records in XML format (and Marc if you like).
3. Indexing of records
4. A visual bi-directional visual browser. This means that you can go to
the browser from the catalog an navigator and then deep link back to the
catalog from the browser.

Presentations of this were made to Library of Congress and others as
a. April 22, 2013 to the Technical Staff of LOC.
b. ALA in June 2013 at the LOC BibFrame update meeting to the general
c. November 2013 -- special invited presentation to the LOC and invited

I am discussing, with Sally McCullum and others, the possibility of
creating a sandbox for BibFrame.

The PowerPoints from the June and November presentations should be on the
LOC web site. I will check for the location and post it later.


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03.02.2014 15:14, Ford, Kevin:

> This is still very much a testing and experimentation phase.  In
> addition to being conceptual, it is designed to be functional.  So,
> the Editor could be used to create and manipulate resource
> descriptions - and it will have the ability to save to a backend store
> -
And in what format(s) will this saving be possible?

> - but it is not being developed with the expectation that it would
> become *the* way to do this work here at LC, or elsewhere (unless
> someone wants to take it in that direction).

BIBFRAME being a very new and as yet unfinished specification, it is
understandable that there is no application-ready product yet to support
input and editing of BIBFRAME data.
And if I'm not very wrong, beside the Bibframe editor there's no
alternative in the making one might consider instead.

But this means that, as of now, it is not advisable to make any decision
pro BIBFRAME as successor for MARC. For decisions, we need a proof of
concept and a usable product that is not only technically but also
economically feasible for everyday operation. Quite a tall order, I'd say.
Is it safe to say that this is not likely to happen this year?