This sounds really interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Am I right in thinking from what you say that this is very much an exploration of the concept rather than a prototype for any specific service, e.g. for editing work at LC?




Thomas Meehan
Head of Current Cataloguing
Library Services
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

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Dear Joachim,

The BIBFRAME Editor is still a little too rough around the edges to open up yet.  It would raise more elementary questions ("Why doesn't this link work?") versus more constructive ones ("Doing X is interesting, but might it be better to do Y?").

We plan to deliver a functioning demo installation so anyone can try the editor in the next few months.  We will also make the code available at the same time.  The Editor will still be very much a prototype with doubtless many improvements to be made, but we hope it will also be sufficiently developed to not only provide a view of possible, future ways to catalog but also serve as a conversation starter about how that future might look once fully fleshed out.



Kevin Ford

Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Library of Congress

Washington, DC

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Subject: [BIBFRAME] Bibframe editor / authority editor

In a webinar in November, Kevin introduced early prototypes of these upcoming Bibframe tools. Are there already links to play with?

Cheers, Joachim