Hi everyone,

I'm running Chronam at  So far so good. However, we're seeing a 
pretty heavy load on the system. We're running Chronam on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VM with 4 CPUs and 
16 GB of ram.  Now that the site is production we're seeing 85% CPU utilization all the time. The load 
average runs around 20 during the work day. Google Analytics says we have around 4,000 visitors a 
day with about 35,000 page views. We have about 2.5 million pages at the moment.

Looking at 'top' we have a bunch (10 or more) of apache2 processes running anywhere from 100M to 
800M each using 15 to 20% cpu. Occasionally I've seen them peak at 1.2g with 32% cpu. On the 
system side I've already unloaded unused apache2 mods, switched from mpm_prefork to 
mpm_worker and tweaked those associated settings. It's helped a bit.

So at this point I assume that Chronam is utilizing that memory and cpu.  My questions are this:

Is this common for Chronam? Is this what others are seeing?

If not, is there something I can start looking at that might help reduce the CPU usage?

I do have the option of increasing CPU cores available to the VM but that's a last resort. I'd like to 
make the application as slim as possible before going that route.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

-Chuck Henry