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Hello archivists and finding aid/descriptive system fans and creators!

As you're probably aware, the Society of American Archivists' Award Season
has arrived! Each year, the C. F. W. Coker Award is given out to recognize
an outstanding and innovative finding aid, finding aid or descriptive
system, or finding aid/descriptive project.

*Established in 1984, this award recognizes finding aids, finding aid
systems, projects that involve innovative development in archival
description, or descriptive tools that enable archivists to produce
effective finding aids. To merit serious consideration for the award,
nominees must, in some significant way, set national standards, represent a
model for archival description, or otherwise have a substantial impact on
descriptive practices. The following types of works or activities may be

   1. *Finding aids, including, among others, multi-institutional guides,
   record surveys, repository guides, special subject lists, finding aids to
   individual collections or records groups, and narrative descriptions of
   2. *Finding aid systems, including, among others, manual or automatic
   indexing systems, computer databases, or current awareness systems for
   notifying users of holdings.*
   3. *Descriptive tools that enable archivists to produce more effective
   finding aids, including, among others, subject thesauri, authority files,
   data element dictionaries, manuals establishing descriptive standards, and
   such reference works as atlases and administrative histories.*
   4. *Projects that involve innovative developments in archival
   description, including, among others, cooperative ventures that result in
   the exchange of finding aid information among repositories, efforts at
   building national information systems, and survey projects.*

Last year's submissions were great and we had to make a tough decision.
This year, we'd like to have to make a difficult choice again, but we need
*your* help!

Do you know of an outstanding and innovative finding aid or description
system published in 2013?  Have you created a finding aid or designed a
descriptive system or tool that you feel breaks new ground in the field of
archival descriptive practice? Would you like to see the author(s) or
editor(s) recognized for contributing to descriptive practice and the
archives profession?  Please consider submitting a nomination prior to the
deadline of *February 28, 2014.  Self-nominations are welcome!*

The nomination form is available at

Additional information can be found at, where you can also
see a list of previous winners.

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