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We are interested in linking from EAD descriptions of theatre archives (e.g. archives about 'Happy Days': to a performance database entry for 'Happy Days' that links theatre performances, writers and actors. 

We're considering the best way to do it. I wondered if anyone has any experience of doing anything similar? I can't really put the links into <controlaccess> because its about the archive not external sources,  and <bioghist> is about the creator of the archive, which may not be appropriate. It doesn't belong in 'otherfindaid' because it is not another finding aid the archive but rather a means for researchers to go from an archival descriptions across to an environment that will give them a different context.

I can see how it might work in a Linked Data context, but we'd like to consider a fairly low barrier option for the time being of simply adding URL's from our archival descriptions to an appropriate place in the performance database.  

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