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On 18/03/2014, Cthurb wrote:

> I have found that rather than a sponge, paintbrush or toothbrush a
> fine brush works best. I first used a baby hairbrush. But a facebrush
> is the same you can find them in the makeup section at dollar stores
> and even in some grocery stores. They are soft and fine and get into
> grooves. They are also easier to control and get less water on the
> disc. I am cleaning 78s and I can avoid water on the label. I use a
> dish drainer while they dry. I hold the record up at an angle while
> doing it. I would avoid cloth since it tends recontaminate the dirt.

Try the Disco-AntiStat. It is simply a bath with a soft brush and a
protector to keep the label dry.

Distilled water with a tiny trace of detergent is good.

Don Cox
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