I am not pounding my drum by sending this to ARSCList, but I think it makes
an important point:

BEST ARTS LECTURE Cincinnati musicologist David Lewis' knowledge goes way,
way beyond King Records (although he knows plenty about that.) He has
researched the stories of the earliest record companies to be based here,
and in October presented a revelatory lecture at Downtown's Main Library
about Homer Rodeheaver, whose Cincinnati-based publishing company and
record label were pioneers of sacred music. Rodeheaver was also close to
1920s preacher Billy Sunday, maybe the most famous American evangelist
ever. Lewis brought it all to life wonderfully.

Now there are minor factual errors in this blurb, but I got into the annual
"Best of" and that is a considerable honor around here. We have a Speaker's
bureau, but even I don't know who heads it or how to contact them; I've
just seen posts here about it occasionally. There is a strong advantage,
though, of getting out into the community and speaking on sound recording
related topics. I think they're ready for us now. I speak at the Public
Library once a month, on a different topic; sometimes I get 50 people and
sometimes I get 2. But it does get noticed, and it helps to convey to the
general public what we're doing as an organization.


David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Lebanon, OH