Durham is a food town.  You'll have no trouble finding a wide variety 
of good meals.  Four days-no problem.  The best is Nana's.  Telephone 
(919) 493-8545   A Durham institution (with a national 
reputation).  White tablecloth dining at its finest.  You'll need a 
reservation, and don't wait till the day before you want to go.   (In 
Chapel Hill, Lantern restaurant and Crook's Corner are also world 
class.  Crook's is informal but the food is excellent.)

The Nasher Museum on the Duke University campus is a beautiful 
museum, opened in its new building in the last 10 years.  Not 
exclusively modern art, but worth a visit.

On your way from Durham to Chapel Hill... as you start up the hill 
you'll pass by Whitehall Antiques.  It's on your way, why not stop 
in?  Both American and English antiques.

Google-ing all three will tell you all you need to know.  The 
regional independent newspaper runs an annual reader's survey so you 
can also consult the Independent's "Best Of" listing for everything 
from best auto repair to best wine shop.
Wine and food starts on page five.

Durham and Chapel Hill are both small cities and only about 10 miles 
apart, so everything is easily reachable by car.  (Raleigh, the 
capitol, is not much farther at 25 miles.)


At 05:12 AM 3/14/2014, you wrote:
>Arriving in Durham on the 9th of May I have  some four days to spend 
>before the conference starts.
>Are there any spectacular sights, modern art museums, fine dining, 
>outstanding bed & breakfast or any other recommendations 
>(antiquing?) to wet my appetite, and reachable by rented car?
>See you in Chapel Hill
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