Mike, was Kingsway more high than wide? You mentioned that you were surprised how small it was. I'm 
wondering if it sounded very good with classical music because it was a less "spread out" space so 
the reverberations were easier picked up by the mics, but there was still enough volume in the room 
for the sound to "blossom" out in front of the orchestra?

Also, was the orchestra set up more toward the center of the space or toward a stage wall? I 
remember one of the photos in the Decca CD set book showed that they'd bring Ansermet's orchestra 
out into the middle of Victoria Hall, on a platform over the floor seats. I think this was also the 
case with Decca and EMI at the Medinah Temple in Chicago -- orchestra out into the middle of the 

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom -
> No, they used mike stands, but I think with cushion to reduce mechanical transmission from the 
> floor to the mics.
> Mike