Hi Mark:

I think Neve was referring to harmonics of music up there, vibrating the skin if not the eardrums. 
What I'm saying, and I think Mike Gray is also saying, is that I doubt THAT'S what's up there with 
the older beloved recordings, because mics, transformers and tape couldn't pass those frequencies.

I also forgot to mention that most LP cutting guys low-passed well into audible frequencies to save 
their cutterheads from blowing out with intense upper-octaves energy. Remember that the RIAA boosts 
upper treble frequencies by large amounts, as do all electrical pre-emphasis curves, to one degree 
or another.

-- Tom Fine

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> One refers to Rupert Neve's thoughts on why coherent super-audible response is useful if not 
> necessary.
> Someone else on the list may know where his paper was delivered...I have the audio of his remarks 
> for anyone interested.
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> Mark Durenberger, CPBE
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> Seconding Tom's comments - what exactly *is* that energy above 20kHz?
> Mike