I didn't read the article, but this reminds me of Eugene Chadbourne, in 
his excellent book "I Hate the Guy Who Runs this Bar", saying something 
like, "There are awards for selling a million copies of a record, but 
how about those of us who make a million records and sell one copy of 


On 3/27/14 10:57 PM, John Haley wrote:
> Here's something different in terms of marketing a recording.  It appears
> Wu-Tang Clan is releasing their "secret" recording which will have exactly
> one copy made, which will tour around for listeners to pay to hear, and
> then be sold for "in the millions."  I keep wondering if the fact that
> there is only one copy of it isn't a good thing, but I'm probably the wrong
> person to ask about that.
> Here's the Forbes article:
> Best,
> John Haley


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